Security Essentials


ESS is specialty in security accessories and tools, aims to provide the quality, reliable and user-friendly professional security accessories, on a never ending endeavor to provide quality products, develop the new products, continuous effort to strive to be better in the future.

A Little Thing, A Big Change. Security accessories are necessary for reliable and quality security system, without the best quality cabling, adapters, lenses, microphones and power supplies, a system just wouldn't work as well, they enhance convenience and safe installation of security cameras.


Helping you build complete video surveillance solutions

Whether the cameras are to be placed in demanding outdoors environment, mounted on ceilings, walls or corners, or used for night-time surveillance, it is important to find the right accessories that fulfill these demands and are quick and easy to install.


Enhancing and facilitating your installation and system

ESS provides a wide range of accessories to facilitate the installation and maintenance of the video systems. This includes protective camera housings, mountings, illuminators, video baluns and lenses and equipment for powering and cabling. ESS is making sure that installation is straight-forward and that you get the performance you expect.  


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